How does a transistor work?🙄...

 Transistors... How do they work?... It is one of the most important devices ever to be invented. So, we're going to learn how do they work in detail in here.  What is a transistor?   Transistors come in many shapes and sizes. There are two main types, the bipolar and the field effect. We're going to mostly focus on the bipolar version. Transistors are small electronic components with two main functions. It can act as a switch to control circuits and they can also amplify signals.  Small low power transistors are enclosed in a racing case to help protect the internal parts. But higher power transistors will have a partly metal case, which is used to help remove the heat which is generated as this will damage the components over time. We usually find these metal body transistors attached to a heat sink, which helps remove the unwanted heat. For example, inside this circuit We have some mosfet transistors which are attached to very large heat sinks . Without the heat sink the c

Current state of Sri Lankan politics.

Now, we need election, but not through Aragalaya .   Now, before we can or are going to get elections only through Aragalaya, we need to examine what has happened in our country for some time.   ·        First, Sugar scam… ·        Second, Fertilizer ban…   ·        Third, Gas explosions…   ·        Fifth, no Fuel issue…   ·        Sixth, no Cash issue… ·        Seventh, Kerosene queues & etc …   Gota Go Gama was created by the people who encountered all such.   To reduce the people pressure that developed after that the Seven Brains people, they unleashed violence at the Gota Go Gama and Myna Go Gama on 9th may 2022.     The ensuing tension caused people to resort to violence from Aragalaya. In this many buses, houses and government property were damaged and many they were seriously injured.   .................................................................................. Look at this, this was sensational news at the time

Make your own DIY 5.1 surrounding audio system...

How to make diy 5.1 surrounding audio system...?   5.1 surrounding audio system   First you need 5.1 pre-audio amplifier for the speaker's power amplifier. Because normally every devices have stereo output. That's means left and right channels are there's in for the audio output. But you need 5.1 surrounding output. So I'd prefer DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) device. 5.1ch DAC (Digital to analog convertor) device. Second Yeah if you ready for the next part of the list, then you need 5.1ch speaker's power amplifier.   The picture above is an expensive 2in1 amplifier. And it also has per amplification. So yo don't buy DAC device. But I'd prefer to buy class D power amplifier. Because It's very cheap and easy to use. Class D 5.1ch power amplifier. It's also little bit costly. Don't worry! about this. I have an other idea for you. You can make 5.1ch power amplifier with very cheaper.  So must need three or more than three 30W-120W stereo power am