Make your own DIY 5.1 surrounding audio system...

How to make diy 5.1 surrounding audio system...?   5.1 surrounding audio system   First you need 5.1 pre-audio amplifier for the speaker's power amplifier. Because normally every devices have stereo output. That's means left and right channels are there's in for the audio output. But you need 5.1 surrounding output. So I'd prefer DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) device. 5.1ch DAC (Digital to analog convertor) device. Second Yeah if you ready for the next part of the list, then you need 5.1ch speaker's power amplifier.   The picture above is an expensive 2in1 amplifier. And it also has per amplification. So yo don't buy DAC device. But I'd prefer to buy class D power amplifier. Because It's very cheap and easy to use. Class D 5.1ch power amplifier. It's also little bit costly. Don't worry! about this. I have an other idea for you. You can make 5.1ch power amplifier with very cheaper.  So must need three or more than three 30W-120W stereo power am

List of historical ship types.

List of historical ship types. if u like to see animation? please click link   Types of ship        OR if you need more information ,  please read below This is a  list of historical ship types , which includes any classification of ship that has ever been used, excluding smaller vessels considered to be boats. The classifications are not all mutually exclusive; a vessel may be both a full-rigged ship by description, and a collier or frigate by function. A two-masted schooner Aircraft Carrier Naval vessel able to launch and retrieve airplanes Amphibious warfare ship vessels of various sizes for landing personnel and vehicles Aviso (Spanish or French) Originally a  dispatch boat , later applied to ships equivalent to the Royal Navy  sloop Barque A sailing vessel with three or more masts, fore-and-aft rigged on only the aftermost Barquentine A sailing vessel with three or more masts, square-rigged only on the foremast Battlecruiser A heavily-armed cruiser similar to a battleship but pos

What is a Ship?...

  What is a Ship?... if u want to see animation? please click link              Evolution of ship                                         OR                                            if you need more information,  please read below Ship Modern Cruise Ship. Jump to navigation Jump to search For other uses, see  Ship (disambiguation) . Not to be confused with  Boat . This article  needs additional citations for  verification .  Please help  improve this article  by  adding citations to reliable sources . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources:   "Ship"  –  news   ·   newspapers   ·   books   ·   scholar   ·   JSTOR   ( February 2017 )  ( Learn how and when to remove this template message ) Ship Container ship ,  Reecon Whale , on the  Black Sea  near  ConstanČ›a, Romania . General characteristics Tonnage: to 120,000  DWT  (New  Panamax ) Length: to 289.56 m (950 ft) (New Panamax) Beam: to 134 ft (41 m) ( Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier  on waterli