Make your own DIY 5.1 surrounding audio system...

How to make diy 5.1 surrounding audio system...? 

5.1 surrounding audio system 

you need 5.1 pre-audio amplifier for the speaker's power amplifier. Because normally every devices have stereo output. That's means left and right channels are there's in for the audio output. But you need 5.1 surrounding output. So I'd prefer DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) device.

5.1ch DAC (Digital to analog convertor) device.

Yeah if you ready for the next part of the list, then you need 5.1ch speaker's power amplifier.

The picture above is an expensive 2in1 amplifier. And it also has per amplification. So yo don't buy DAC device. But I'd prefer to buy class D power amplifier. Because It's very cheap and easy to use.

Class D 5.1ch power amplifier.

It's also little bit costly. Don't worry! about this. I have an other idea for you. You can make 5.1ch power amplifier with very cheaper.  So must need three or more than three 30W-120W stereo power amplifier. may be you'd spend it's very less money.

30W stereo power amplifier module.

So the picture above shows 30W stereo power amplifier module. And you should have three or more than three module. Then look at the audio output devices. Many audio output device can be in the market. But most used devices are tweeter drive, midrange drive and woofer drive. You must need one woofer drive, five midrange drives and five tweeter drives for 5.1 surrounding audio system.

Tweeter drive for high frequency.

Woofer drive for low frequency.

Midrange drive for midrange frequency.

Finally you are need five two-way crossover module for the drives. Because drives aren't able to play smooth audio without crossover module. It's makes best audio for each drive.

Two-way Crossover module.

But it's little bit costly. So create your own crossover module. The two-way crossover circuit diagram show by picture below.

Two-way crossover circuit diagram.

Now you achieved final. You have to do wiring to all devices and speakers. First you'd connect with audio output device (eg:- computer, phone and ect...) and DAC device. Then you'd connect with DAC and power amplifier modules. finally you'd connect with power amplifier modules and speakers. It's shows by the picture below

Diy 5.1 surrounding audio system wiring diagram.

Note:- Make sure audio drives resistance is correct for your usage.

Arrange your speakers like this method. And  enjoy well.......😍




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